My First Investment in Casino

My First Investment in Casino

From my childhood, I was amazed to hear about the casino. I could not understand what it means, but could realize that this is something special to the people. Gradually, I became teenager and could understand casino as a game where people can earn money or loss. After becoming younger, I could clearly understand that this is nothing but a field of excitement or a place where we can check our fate. Now I am a regular casino player at the VIP lounge. The story of my first investment in this industry was not so easy what we can do right now.

Actually, the way was not very smooth at my early stage. People had lost money, which was a panic at my tender age. I have gone through in web pages for the search of a real casino. But, the review sites were not so much matured or educative like present time. So, I was disappointed at multiple times. Again, I was determined that I have to do something in the casino industry. As a result, I was going through news carefully if I got any type of news regarding casino. It was a memorable time in my life. I was restless in sometimes to think about the majesty of the casino. 

Unlike now, the information management system was not very rich in 2010. I have seen there are a lot of unreal news was available here and there. Many people were misguided by this fake news. Some of the people have invested a lot in risky places by fallen any temptation. Finally, they were become bankrupt. As a result, some of the people had died and some of become insane. The situation was really horrible which cannot be imaged in the 21st century. Actually, people of that time were remained behind the real scenario that is why they had made a huge loss. All of that occurrence have done due to the improper information management system. I was lucky that I only searched for information because I had no enough money to make an investment.

Life would become hell if I fall in the trap of friends’ circle. I had some bad friends who were always trying to misguide me. They had influenced me to make the investment. But, my father was an accountant who always takes care of my life style. I always shared my thinking with my father who was as like my friend. He suggested me to think about bounded rationally. He said a man cannot be purely rational but, of course can be bounded rational. Then I had understood that I should give up my bad friends who can damage me any time by digging traps. In the meantime, I decided to make an investment in a gambling site who would pay 500 times return within 5 hours. But Alas! My father helped me to avoid such risky work. I am still very much grateful to my father who saved my life. 

After passing a few days, my father introduced me with his best friend Mr. John. He was a blessing in my life. He was actually a gambler who has invested in some gambling sites at that time. He introduced to me and called me one day at his home. After a few days, I visited his house which was a far kilometer away from our house. He shared his present situation. I was for the first time get a real touch of pure information regarding casino industry.

Mr. John took a cup of coffee and gave me also. I was hearing his stories with putting my full concentration. He suggested me to keep passion and put full concentration on specific areas. He also urged me what I want right and wait for the long run. I had to decide specifically. He did like this. He said that we need to put small investment first and try to monitor on the portfolio. We should concentrate on a specific field where we have invested. In this way, we can understand about the trend and analyze it properly. Actually, it was the essence of investment. 

Gradually, I have understood that the casino is not a quick earning zone. It should analyze properly and we need to put much time here. After a huge analyze, I made my first investment in 21Dukes Casino which was one of the best casino site what I have explored. There were a lot of sectors there. I have made a limited investment of $200 in 21Dukes Casino. It was my first investment in the casino industry. I always contact with Mr. John and also with my father.  

Passion is a big matter here because it is the motivation of life. I think without passion no one can shine in the gambling industry. My passion was getting the touch of real information which was unavailable in my childhood. Even I was desperate to seek reliable sites to be gained and make others gainer.   

At present, I see there are a lot of options for checking information. There are a lot of sites who are providing real time information regarding legit or scam casino sites. It has become much easier to take decision in comparison that of previous time. The future of casino is very bright and even lucrative because of the availability of information. Now fake news is also gone and people have many options for judging. Any newbies can judge sites by putting some common sense. 

Time has changed! The time of my childhood and the time of right now is totally changed. It is high time to involve in the casino. But, we should be aware about emotion management because many people have lost their existence by losing up their emotion. Some of the sites are charging low registration fees or providing free account to participate in gambling. It is the best opportunity to check up your luck. Young people and existing players are now very smart and confident to put invest in casinos due to get positive reviews. The casino industry has now become very simple at all.